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Making Housing Affordable

KKS Enterprises

Specializing in affordable housing for low to middle income families. We make the process simple as we guide you to the path of home ownership.

Providing Quality Homes for Amazing

Families in Delaware

About Us

We offer quality rental properties and rental resources for low to middle income families.

Our love to serve the community is deeply rooted in our profession and goals. For decades, providing care, education and resource information have been imbedded in our day to life. From sponsoring and supporting youth and youth events in our communities to providing community resources, donating supplies, and helping families wherever there is a need, these passions fuel our burning desire to influence and inform under served populations in Delaware. With quality affordable housing in safe thriving neighborhoods, we will affectively build our community.

About Us

KKS Enterprises


Quality Properties

KKS provides safe & affordable rental properties, updated with modern amenities to promote comfort, peace, convenience and style.  Each rental property is personally chosen with the intent of meeting the many needs and demands of families of any size. KKS properties and policies are designed to create a sense of ownership with an experience that makes transitioning from tenant to home owner a smooth one.

Simple Registration

Inquiring about our properties is simple!

Complete the quick and easy pre-qualifying questionnaire and we’ll do the rest.

Excellent Partnerships

KKS networks with some of the top leaders in their industry in areas of finance and financial planning, credit counseling, homeownership, and life coaching to help assist clients along their way in meeting their goals, whatever they may be.

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